Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Am I Back?

Dammit, I intend to be. It's been a crazy year for me while I've been away from blogging. Work was insane and now I find myself in a nice sandy place on the far side of the world. I also got married to a wonderful woman, henceforth known as Lady J-Bar.

As for the time away from blogging, it was nice. I got time to work on my novel (still not done, but getting there). Will it be published? Hard to say. I have no illusions about my chances, but I've had fun writing it, and I have my next tale formulating in my mind.

However, I've come to miss blogging. There was a time after Republicans were swept from power that I had hope and felt less compelled to speak my mind (or ramble, whatever). However, that has been short lived. The Democrats haven't been able to take advantage of their majority, and the Religious Right hasn't gone anywhere. There's plenty of craziness left from them. Then there's the Teabaggers (not gonna lie, best derogatory name ever!), the Birthers, the Antivaxxers, and so much more. Internationally, there's been the ongoing efforts to do something about climate change, and the ongoing revolution in Iran. Yeah, I think there's more than enough to keep me going.

Now I just need to start cleaning up my blog. Seems I've been removed from the Atheist Blogroll...damn. Anyway, I hope you'll join me again as I explore atheism, politics, science, history, and everything else that fascinates me.

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