Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Georgia Governor Resorts to Talking to Himself to End Drought

Even though there's not much one can do to end a drought except wait, I find it amusing that Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia is holding a public prayer vigil at the statehouse, promising to "pray up a storm."

Unfortunately for Georgians, even Governor Perdue seems unsure of the effectiveness of his actions:

[Perdue] said God may still answer the prayers with rain tomorrow or next week.

It's good to see God came into Perdue's heart and gave him a nice accurate date to expect rain.

Of course, where being vague won't cover all your bases, Rev. Gil Watson of United Methodist Church, who led the prayer vigil, said:

"We have not been good stewards of our land. We have not been good stewards of our water. Lord, have mercy on your people, have mercy on us and grant us rain. Oh God, let rain fall on this land of Georgia."

Nice. Even if God doesn't provide what we ask, it can't be his fault. It must be the fault of us poor, wicked sinners who should feel nothing but shame for the crime of merely existing.

This is where I have to tip my hat to the simple genius of the world's major religions. If things go right, the faithful give credit to God. If things go wrong, it must be the people who messed up since God is perfect. With logic like that, no wonder it has such an easy time perpetuating itself amongst those who refuse to question it.

Happily, the article ended with the predictions of those I'm more inclined to believe:

The National Weather Service said some light rain is possible later this week, although not enough to break the drought.

You can find the complete article at NewsDaily.

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