Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Out Campaign


I know I'm way behind on this due to my hiatus from blogging, but for anyone who doesn't know, The Out Campaign is an idea from Richard Dawkins to provide a way for atheists to make their beliefs (or lack thereof) known by publically displaying a scarlet "A". Dawkins hopes to model it on the gay rights movement, which encouraged homosexuals to make their orientation known so they could stand up for their rights. In much the same way, the Out Campaign encourages athiests to "come out" and see that they are not alone in the world. In this way, we can better interact, organize, and stand up for our freedoms.

While I may not wear the t-shirt (the A is just a little too big), I fully support the ideals of the campaign and will proudly display its logo on this blog's sidebar. No athiest should be afraid to share his or her views of the world. Theists do it everyday without thinking. Why shouldn't we?

In the end, it's my hope that efforts such as this will cause the public to view those who blame atheism for the nation's woes no differently than those who would blame it on specific creeds or ethnic groups. This is a free nation. We shouldn't have to censor our basic view of life.

Read more about the campaign here.

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  1. Hey!

    I found you on atheist blogroll and thought I'd drop by. I need to get one of those Dawkins shirts. The red letter 'A' was a good design. Anyway, I have a blog in which I debunk Answers in Genesis. Check it out!